Benefits Of Using Galvanized Steel Hangers

The process of welding galvanized steel always makes our difficulty. For example, one of the company’s cooling air outlets is made by welding 2mm thick galvanized steel sheets.

The Galvanized steel sheet is welded by SMAW (shielded metal arc welding), the Sheet not only burns but also bad fusion. It’s easy to produce a lot of porosity in the sand. Therefore, this article will introduce ways to improve the galvanizing steel welding process.

There are many types of ‘pipe Anchor or Pipe hanger, Adjustable clevis, Stud rod, U-bolt, U flat (U strap -bolt), band hanger, adjustable foot, beam clamp, Applicable hanger, Olm clamp, EMT, IMC / SUS (OHM Clamp), Push-iron, Push-pull, Push-pull (Anchor bolt, Drop-in, double, SUS anchor bilt,)(which is also known as ‘ยึดท่อหรือไม้แขวนท่อ, ปรับปิ๊น, แกนสตั๊ด, U-bolt, U แบน (U สาย – กลอน), วงแขวน, เท้าปรับ, คานยึด, แขวนบังคับ, แขวน Olm, EMT, IMC / SUS (OHM Clamp), ผลักเหล็ก, ดันดึง, ผลักดึง (สลักเกลียว, ปล่อย, คู่, bilt SUS สมอ,the Thai language).

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Original process flow:

The first step is to weld the buttocks and fix the welding line. The second step is welding with shielded metal arc welding. DIA electrode 2.5mm with grade: J422. Electric welding is 40-80A. The arc voltage is 14-20V. Welding speed is 18-25cm / minute.

Causes of disability:

There is a zinc layer on the surface of the galvanized steel sheet so that several small explosions will occur during the welding process.

After the shape of the welding, the line is bad after the explosion, there will be a lot of porosity after cleaning the welding line. If the electric current is strong, a 2mm-thick galvanized sheet will be penetrated, which leaves galvanized sheets with different large or small overlapping welds. If the electric current is soft, the welding sheet will not burn completely. Fusion is bad, so the weld line easily falls.