Common Examples Related To GOP Party Of Treason

Crimes and treachery are common in history. In fact, those are still present until today as not everybody has been staying good the whole time. Others even hate for many reasons including hating on what you stand up for. A common example involves hating the Republicans as it became notable for a long time. However, you cannot deny that the disgrace seems endless as something bad can always happen out there.

Betraying a certain country especially of your own will be such a disgrace but you cannot assume that everyone lives with honor on their minds anyway. There have been a bunch of real treason that occurred from the past too and you probably are unfamiliar with some of them. Not to worry because you get to notice some of those along the way. Hear out the common examples related to GOP party of treason. Grand Old Party remains the historic rival of democratic anyway.

You probably have heard of a man named Richard Nixon. He used to have been known for committing numerous crimes but he got pardoned by it because of Republican Gerald Ford who was the president at that time. Even when such traitor deserved to get that punishment according to sources, he was not affected. Treason definitely occurred there.

A common thing Nixon was known for is his psychopathic schemes. He developed more like a dictator anyway especially when some operatives before talked about killing off any activist or reporter. Because of such unfairness, you easily understand why democratic people stand for their claims. Future Republicans might just learn from his doings perhaps.

Also a notable scenario that happened from GOP occurred within Florida. Certain Supreme Court workers made George Bush the winner at that point by ceasing the counting of votes. Supporting may be alright but not to the point where whom people voted for shall be ignored. They really acknowledged at that point regarding how Bush was the rightful one to win.

One really bad example was the torture and even death of prisoners. There came a point in time wherein numerous suspected terrorists, those with similar names to them, their families, or others involved to the activity were tortured within dungeons for years. It was said that it had been quite violent that they got murdered eventually.

Some terrorist alerts were spread before for campaigning even though some happen to be unreal. That may worked to acquire more votes from the people because the said alerts somehow stopped once that election was finished. You could say it is such a bad way of campaigning for politics especially when others would have panicked.

You cannot forget the Iraq war too. It has probably been one of its highlighted scandals before in which the start of war occurred. Controlled propaganda was involved in which the other party somehow attacked the area first when it could have been the other way around.

The risks of global warming were also controlled. There is no denying that nature deserves some attention because lots of environmental factors got harmed. However, other Republicans turn a blind eye on this one since money still becomes a priority.

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