Features Of 12V LED Bulb

In the earlier time, 12V Led bulbs had just limited applications. Typically these were utilized in a few electronics and traffic lights.

But now the 12-volt Led bulbs are largely utilized in homes and offices all around the environment. Many people use these lights due to the numerous benefits they include.

They consume less energy in comparison to conventional incandescent bulbs and CFLs. If you want to purchase this 12V Led bulbs for your home or office you can visit this website http://www.sunnergyled.com/category/3/

Generally, they consumed one-tenth of the energy as compared to the standard light bulb. Because of this, the 12-volt led-bulb is regarded as eco-friendly.

Another reason which makes it eco-friendly is that it does not contain mercury.


Yet another fantastic factor about the LED Lighting is that its lifetime is more than regular light bulbs. If you used properly, the lamp can last up to 10 decades.

It turns on instantly once it’s been lit. It is absolutely free from mercury.

Its uniformity and non-flickering features help in reducing eye strain and fatigue. Its durable filament helps make it fit much in craggy surroundings.

It has a longer life span when compared with CFLs and incandescent bulbs. It is infrared and UV emission-free.

It reduces energy intake and enhances comfort. It is environment- friendly since it will not include contaminants like hydrargyrum, lead, and mercury.