Injuries Associated With Airbag Deployment

As seen from the current airbag recalls, airbags may also be the reason of injuries. These recalls exposed the business and however advanced air bag technologies are, there's still the risk for harm; if because of an organization's negligence in producing bad airbags or the essence of the wreck and also the effect with the airbag.

There are a few minor and sometimes major accidents that airbags may cause. These include scratches or burns, and also the chemicals released as it can cause asthma attacks.

Unfortunately, airbags bags can't necessarily prevent death or cause minor injury. 

Below are some of the injuries that may cause by airbags. The severity is dependent upon several factors such as rate, closeness into the airbag, and temperament of this crash:

• Scratch to the face, chest or upper edges 

• Contusion of the face, chest, upper edges, knees or internal body part injuries 

• Strain, fracture or blunt trauma to the cervical spine 

• Burns on the chest or hands 

• Fracture in the face or wrists 

• Fracture in the brain or spine cage 

• Loss of consciousness or concussion injuries 

• Irritation of the skin also called airbag dermatitis 

If you also had major injuries while an accident then you can file a case with the help of professionals at

Airbags are a terrific safety addition to cars and can lower the chance of severing death and injuries. But, they because of their failure, it can also cause harm

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