Some Amazing Uses For Vinegar

Have you ever walked by the bulk packages of vinegar that they sell at Costco? You've probably asked yourself why anyone would want that much vinegar? Hard as you try, you can't think of any vinegar uses past a little pickling. Well, you'd be surprised at all the vinegar uses there are around your house if only you’d notice them. Take a look.

The great thing about vinegar is that it's a great household cleaner. Go to the cleaning section of your local supermarket, and it's like a mad scientist’s laboratory – you can easily stock up on 15 different kinds of cleaner. Well, when you learn about vinegar, you won't need that many. You'll just need a couple.

For instance, did you ever think of vinegar as a deodorant and an air freshener? It's true – vinegar does the job that Febreze is supposed to do, but does it in a much more environmentally friendly way. 

All you need to get started using vinegar as an air freshener is a tablespoon of vinegar in a couple of cups of water with a teaspoon full of baking soda added in. If you have an atomizer or a pump action bottle, you just pour in the stuff and pump whenever something smells. Some people just add a couple of drops of essential oil for it to smell even better.

To those who aren't careful about every dollar they spend, vinegar as a general-purpose household cleaner is a godsend. All you need is vinegar, some lemon and some baking soda. What does it clean? How about your toilet or your windows or your sink? To clean the toilet, just scatter a little baking soda and go. Let it soak in for a few minutes, and then drench the sides of the bowl with the vinegar. It's great for anything made of porcelain. 

On windows, the vinegar works great just diluted with water. It isn't just your window glass that it helps with. In middle of winter, when there is hard frost clogging up your windshield every morning and you're tired of scraping it off, try spraying vinegar on it the night before. A mixture that is one part water and three parts of vinegar will keep the frost right off.

What about curing fungal nail infections, athletes foot or even as an effective yeast infection cure? Well, believe it or not, white vinegar is effective for all of these ailments. Don't believe me then why not head on over to this website and get more information!

Now you can understand all of these vinegar uses instinctively – the vinegar must be able to keep smells away and so on. But would you ever believe that vinegar could unclog drains? No one that loves the environment needs to use concentrated commercial drain cleaner. You just dump a cup of baking soda into the drain and then dump a couple cups of vinegar after it. It'll foam quite furiously at first. Wash it down with boiling water, and you'll have unclogged it just like that

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