Carpet Cleaning Hacks For The Average Joe

If you want to keep your home looking clean, the cleanliness of your carpets is going to be a big challenge. If you don't have the right solution to the problems that you may face, such as that stuck on wad of chewing gum, it's likely you'll find yourself in need of a professional carpet cleaning service. In this short article, we're going to try and help you save some money by gaining the knowledge of how to handle specific carpet cleaning problems so that you don't have to call in a professional more than necessary.

So, to start with let's talk about the chewing gum conundrum. This may be a big problem that you wish you never have to deal with, however, it could happen and it's important that you be prepared to handle it when it does. To keep the gum from being overly sticky and forming more of a mess, you should use ice. The ice will chill down the temperature of the gum and make it harden. Then, use a scraper and scrape off the frozen pieces of gum. This method takes some time, but makes a world of difference in how effective it is at removing the stuck on gum.

Speaking of ice, it has many purposes when dealing with your carpets. If you have furniture, which who doesn't, you will likely notice there are dents in your carpets where the legs are from the furniture. To prevent dents it's recommended to use a piece of styrofoam under the legs. However, if you have dents, there's a solution to get them out. Take the furniture off and expose the dent. Put ice on the dented area for about five minutes. Then, go ahead and vacuum the floor. The dent will rise right out of it.

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