Types of Vinyl Tablecloths: A Brief Overview

Vinyl tablecloths come in different types and designs. But, lace tablecloths and coated tablecloths are the two main types of vinyl tablecloths available in the market today.

Vinyl lace tablecloths: These are perfect for weddings and family gatherings during Holidays. Lace vinyl tablecloths are the right choice for weddings even though many other options are available in the market for weddings. Since lace has spaces and holes in which you can see the underlying surface of the table through them, you may place brightly colored vinyl mantle under it to contrast with the lacey white vinyl material.

Vinyl coated tablecloths: These tablecloths are still made of fabric and are just coated with vinyl on the outer layer to attain the same durability and stain resistance feature of tablecloths made of pure vinyl. However, these are more expensive and are more attractive in general.

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning a vinyl tablecloth is easy, you can simply wipe off the food debris. If you see heavy stains, you can lightly brush it with a diluted bleach and soap solution. Wash it with water and let it dry before putting it away in the closet to be used for the next celebration. Dressing up your table is just the right thing to do when hosting a party irrespective of whether you go with these seemingly indestructible vinyl tablecloths or the more formal oilcloth tablecloths. What’s important is that should make the table look appealing and attractive.

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