All About Property Agents

When you work in commercial property, it’s the leases or sales that you control from the first stages of the trade which will bring you better company, listings, and commissions.

When you’re working at this level of control there is less pressure from the competition and less frustration from the client or other parties to the lease or sale.

To be in charge of the sale or lease agreement it means getting on top of 3 specific items. They are:

  • Locating the property sale or lease transaction before they reach the marketplace or your competitors.
  • Setting the ideal marketing procedures in place to locate the qualified buyers or renters that match the property without good fanfare or exposure to the common open channels of marketing and promotion (this is known as an ‘off-market’ deal), that could endanger the offer.
  • Choosing the ideal cost, lease, and method of sale or lease to entice a timely trade and the best result for the property owner.┬áBy exploring new launches you can find all about an upcoming real estate property.


Every sale or lease listing is a cycle and process. You can be responsible for the procedure or simply let it happen. The very best salespeople in the industry understand the advantage of control at the first stages.

The tendency in the business is to follow exactly the exact same pattern in processing the list without a focus on the target market and best advertising methods. Regrettably, this produces the identical slow outcomes.

The salesperson that’s in control of the property trade from the first stages, understands what the industry is doing and what the industry is searching for. That salesperson also knows the players on the market and the ones that will have to modify a property or purchase property shortly.

You could say that this is proactive leasing and selling; the truth is that it’s exactly why homeowners come to a real estate agent for selling or leasing their property. The more value you can bring to the customer in that regard will aid them in the sale or lease, and you draw more listings and successful transactions.

Every now and then you hear of a sale or rent that’s been completed on a retail or commercial property which wasn’t openly marketed in the regional media or publicly. This is the sign of a really professional and competent property representative.

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