Best Things to do for Couples on an Island


Going for a vacation or honeymoon on an island simply can’t get more romantic. Islands are the best places to stay relaxed and away from the busy lifestyle of popular cities. That’s because island provides some of the best activities and experiences. These are a few things for couples to do on an island.

  • Explore the island – Although islands have plenty of beaches to visit, there are plenty of undiscovered places on an island. If you and your partner are willing to explore something new, then there are chances to witness natural beautiful wildlife or even waterfalls.
  • Take a Helicopter Ride –Going to an island on a helicopter makes you want to fall in love with your partner even more. Helicopter ride gives you the perfect opportunity to witness some of the best views of the surrounding.
  • Treat Each Other with a Candle Light Dinner –Enjoy a delicious yet a romantic dinner with a candle light. You can ask the hotel or resort to arrange a sumptuous dinner with candle light setting making it perfect for the night.
  • Enjoy Watching a Sunset and Sunrise – Watching a sunrise and sunset together is quite romantic. Watch the color of the sun changing along with the environment making it perfect to be captured on a camera.

The Bedarra Island resort on Mission Beach QLD offers some of the best activities for couples.

Plan your honeymoon in the arms of nature

After all the efforts put in planning to tie the knot you finally did it. Hey, congratulations. But wait, are you missing out on something? Yes, what about the honeymoon?

Well, a honeymoon is the most romantic and blissful phase in every marriage and most often we forget planning it properly, even if we do, it's not what we might have imagined being.

Planning your honeymoon is as important as marriage so why not do it in a proper way, Right?


How about a beautiful secluded mission beach with no one around playing gooseberry, just you and your beloved one?

There are a couple of resorts and hotels which provide the honeymooners' utmost privacy and warm environment that is unimaginable. Bedarra Island resort is one such place where you get what you want.

East Bedarra Island resorts mission beach QLD is the most desirable place for the youthful newly wedded couples, here you are provided with the privacy we always crave for in our daily lives. The villa is situated right on the beautiful waters of the Great Barrier Reef between two secluded palm-fringed coves.

It's all yours during your honeymoon. It's really annoying when you are constantly interrupted by people during your honeymoon so don't be shy – toss off those shoes (and clothes if you're feeling cheeky) because you're unlikely to see another soul until you return to civilization.

Give your married life a kick start and enjoy your honeymoon the way you have wanted it.