Black Mold Affects Pets

Mold is something that you don’t want to mess with. It can appear in your home with the smallest amount of moisture. The perfect environment for mold to grow is moisture and warmth, which is why water damage usually results in mold.

Leaving any sort of water damage out in your home will result in mold and mildew, which is dangerous, considering they can affect your health. However, if you have pets, it can be even more dangerous for you to have mold problems. Mold, especially black mold, can affect them worse than it affects humans. While some mold is toxic to humans, a lot more can harm your pets.

Going to will give you few ways to find out if you have mold in your home. However, your pet’s health should be a big concern regardless of what type of problem you have. You should take your pets to the vet with any sort of problem your pet may have, especially if it is out of the ordinary.

If it shows signs of shaking, fur loss, bleeding, or anything of the sort, a vet trip will be the most beneficial thing for you and your pet. If it is a mold problem, then you will have to get a mold remediation service or something similar to get rid of it.

Are HEPA Filters Effective on Black Mold?

There are many air purifiers on the market. It’s hard to choose between them, especially considering you might need it to purify certain things. Mold is a dangerous thing to have in your home, so that might be a reason you’re looking for one.

HEPA filters are one of the best ones out there, considering they use these air purifiers in hospitals and clean rooms to remove the microbes like viruses and bacteria. Mold spores will not escape a HEPA air purifier if you have it in your home. If you can’t schedule a mold remediation service immediately, HEPA air filters will do wonders for keeping the mold at bay.

Black mold is one of those dangerous molds that produce mycotoxins and you can find more information at Damage Control 911. Luckily, HEPA filters also take these out of the air and will protect you from these things. Mold spores can cause a lot of breathing problems, but mycotoxins can make you quite sick.

In harsh situations, it can even result in death. Make sure to get a mold remediation service into your home as soon as possible, though. HEPA filters can only stop the spores and mycotoxins from spreading through the home. It won’t remove the mold or stop it from spreading where it is, so make sure to get rid of it as soon as you can.